This Year Am Committed To Remain Connected With Self : Kanika Mann 

Kanika Mann is a popular TV actress and model. She is famous for playing the role of ‘Guddan’ in Zee TV’s daily soap- Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega (2018). Here, in this interview, she talks about her new year resolutions and shares some aspects of her life, family and her career. Excerpts :

Did you always plan on becoming an actor?

Coming from a very traditional Haryanvi family, I was never allowed to watch television, movies or go out for plays with my friends, so acting never came to my mind. I was always studious and a meritorious child growing up and used to come
1st in my class. Hence, I decided to peruse law since I wanted to become a judge and even completed my studies for the same from Punjab University.

Describe your journey from Panipat to Mumbai.

So, when I started studying in college, a lot of people came up to me and told me that I should act or at least do something on the screen. That is when I took a big step of doing a music video without telling my family and thankfully it came out well. Even though my family first wasn’t very supportive but eventually they realised my talent and now they are very happy with my role and the character that I play.

What is the kind of diet that you follow that you feel is fit for the role?

I don’t follow any diet! Thankfully, since childhood, I have had a great metabolism and I haven’t had to follow any particular diet or exercise routine. I just eat home-cooked meals and my favourite is ‘dal-chawal.’ One thing that I do, which is very simple is that I don’t drink water while or after eating. But apart from that, nothing else.

Who all are there in your family and what is the kind of bond that you share with them?

It’s me, my parents and my 2 younger siblings (brother and a sister) who I adore very much but I share a special connection with my younger sister who I feel is my biggest fan. She tells me everything from where I went wrong in a scene, what could I have done better to my pictures on social media. Recently, when I was recognised at a few award functions as an actor, she was more excited than me which made me feel very overwhelmed.

What do you have to say about your character, Guddan in ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’?

Whatever I am today, is because of this character. I really got lucky as the character is very similar to who I am in my personal life as well. Guddan and Kanika both are chirpy, bubbly and like to talk a lot. But sometimes working in a daily soap, it gets difficult to separate your life from the character as 30 days in a month you are playing the role of someone else. So sometimes I feel that I have lost Kanika while playing Guddan. But this year, I have promised myself that I will do more such that make me feel connected to myself.

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