This Valentine’s, Lucknow Hotels Go All Out To Get Your Heart Beating

LUCKNOW || Like any other part of India, Lucknow too, is keeping its romantic quotient high as the Valentine week continues to draw youngsters to gift spots, romantic hangout joints or even catchup with that one customary coffee or a film in the nearby public spot of choice.

Feeling the cupid connect, not only are lovelorn couples finding ways to express their love, even local hotels are organizing events and special cuisines that will make Valentine’s day memorable for one and all.

Flower shops are running a full house as rose connoisseurs line up for a fresh red or white rose as is the mood of the week. As proposals and gifts with a bunch of flowers and chocolates become the norm, hotels are all set.

This Valentine’s day the rooftop restaurant Hotel Levana in Hazratganj will have special arrangements. On V Day, the people of the city will get to enjoy discounts like never before. The multi-cuisine restaurant cum bar will open up its door for a special candlelight dinner.

Not just the Romeos and Juliets, but even a big group on an outing will get special offers so that the budget can be managed by them on this special occasion. The Hotel has not kept any specific age limit, hence this will be like a one place fits all experience. The hotel has also kept the option open for a guest to have a tailor-made menu that suits their mood on that day.

For those who want foods, drinks and that surreal feeling of love with a great ambience, then Alambagh’s The Piccadily might be your go-to place for the evening. A special arrangement is being done for guests at the Marine Coffee shop. To make it a sweet moment – they will offer a sweet dish, the main course, drinks and cakes with a dash of red in everything, as hearts beat faster.

Cakes and desserts will be served in the heart shape to make the couples feel lively as vows are exchanged. It is also learnt that some of the special curries will also get a dash of red which will heighten the V Day mood. And the restaurant will be dotted with heart-shaped balloons. A special drink named Valentine will keep people in high spirits. Food, soft and hard drinks will have a 20 per cent discount.

In Golden Tulip at Hussainganj, the theme of the day on V Day will be Free for your Valentine with a special course, heart-shaped balloons and cakes will get all in the groove. A buffet for couples will be on offer. There will be special gifts for Best Couple and most attractive.

In Hotel Rennaisance theme-based celebrations have been chalked out. The hotel will serve traditional Awadhi delicacies. IN L – 14 a buffet on the theme flavours of love will be served. A live singing performance will add to the romantic mood of the evening. In the Skybar – Love is in the Air will be the mood of the night. DJs Orja and 8 bit Culprit will get all grooving to peppy numbers.

But what’s a romantic escapade without the poolside quiet chat between couples. Novotel in Gamti Nagar’s Viraj Khand will give young lovers that unique chance. At the rooftop, a by the poolside celebration will make life on V Day happening for the lovers of the city. A place at the poolside will be given on a first come first serve basis as per reservation.

Candlelit dinners with romantic tunes will be another added attraction here. Personalized cards and photo frames will be prepared on the spot. Cakes, drinks, special dishes, candlelit dinner and decorations will be on offer. In the all-day Dining Restaurant the Square will provide lavish buffets with other arrangements.

So pick your hangout spot wisely, but as V-Day nears if you are single we hope, the love of your life is not too hard to find.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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