The Urge To Live Once More

I wanted to die,
Say this world goodbye.

No one needed me,
With false love they fed me.

They didn’t know how I felt,
This just riled up my guilt.

I knew they will not miss me,
They will go on like another day you see.

I was a burden for them,
Don’t they feel the same?

I just want to leave permanently,
And I knew they will let me go gladly.

That forceful love they showed,
I don’t want it to grow.

Then they told me,
It’s not what I see.

They make me believe I am not done,
They ask me for a chance once.

Seeing me like this tears they shed,
Making me disbelieve what I said.

They just told me to talk with them,
Not hide in the den.

Realising that, me they adore,
I had the urge to live once more.

–Areeza Javed/Bhopal

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