Sunday Musings : The Five Elements Of Nature And Human Existence

They say the Five Elements Air Water Earth Fire and Space constitute Nature
The Human species too are not only byproduct’s of Nature But Nature in itself
Yet with our own hands cut our own branch we sit on

The Air and Water we pollute beyond repair the Earth we trample ready to destruct The nature’s fire we counter with our own Chemical Firepower and of course, our egos have galloped through the boundaries of space
The world outside collapsing can the innate nature within us in the body be far behind
The imbalance outsides create bigger turbulence inside And our own defence mechanisms in the body become the predators of our own body
We watch helplessly our own cells cannibalise recklessly the way we cannibalise outside
So, Friends, It is in the 5 elements that we owe our existence to Be kind to them so that we too can exist

— Chander Prakash/Lucknow


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