Subdued Guru Poornima Celebrations In UP Amid COVID Pandemic

LUCKNOW || Amid the growing cases of the dreaded Coronavirus, Guru Poornima – a festival dedicated to the teachers (gurus) is being celebrated across the state of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. While the festival witnessed heavy footfalls in ashrams and temples, this time it is lowkey as there are strict protocols against large gatherings at religious shrines and other places.

It is one of the biggest festivals on Shirdi, Maharashtra as millions used to flock every year to the shrine of the fakeer Sai baba. This year, here too, the celebrations are lowkey as the temple and premises are out of bounds for the devotees. The temple has been adorned with flowers of various hues and lighting has also been done but the faithful can these celebrations on social media and other online platforms.

At Hanuman Setu, the seat of Neeb Kakori Ji Maharaj, things are more or less the same as no gatherings are allowed. The temple, which was founded by Maharaj Ji himself in the ’60s, bore an abandoned look on Sunday morning. The temple houses two life-sized statues of Maharaj Ji but they will be attended to by the priests and people will be allowed to have darshan’s only from the main university road, an official told The News Agency.

Indra Narayan Jha, the chief priest of Sai Baba temple in Bithoor, Kanpur told this news portal that people are not being allowed its, as per the guidelines of the state government. “It is a sad day but what to do, times are such” he rued while crediting this too to the will of the Guru.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath and governor Anandiben Patel have greeted the people on the pious occasion.

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