Revisiting Indian Folklore Through This Varanasi Artist’s Canvas

LUCKNOW || India is steeped with culture, mythology and ancient folklore. As a country that is a repository of ancient fables, the painter has always been aware of the events happening in every age and he or she has endeavoured to depict it through his paintings.

It is a mode of expression which addresses people of every section of society through visual means. Arun Singh, a senior painter and craftsman from Banaras is currently hosting an exhibition in the state capital Lucknow.

Titled “Images from Ages“, it is a depiction of rare events that have taken place in different periods of Indian history, which are not seen even in other great civilizations of the world such as the Krishna Meerabai bond, Shabri feeding Ram with a half-eaten berry, Eklavya giving his sliced thumb to Guru as a Dakshina or the event of protecting the life of Uday Singh by Panna Dai, the great mother who sees her child being slaughtered in front of eyes. Be it Naya Adhyay by Valmiki or Maa Ganga with a beautiful aura in its hand each representation leaves the art lover in trance.

The art exhibition is the curation of India’s rare rare history touching every dimension of love. This exhibition was inaugurated by a senior artist of Uttar Pradesh, Jai Krishna Agarwal which is on view for art lovers till 22 January 2020 at Lalit Kala Academy, Regional Center, Aliganj Lucknow.

Artist Arun Singh has presented special aspects of Indian history in his own style through a solo exhibition of his paintings and crafts. It is a symbolic depiction of such rare events that are not seen even in other great civilizations of the world, through a collection of 26 paintings.

The art exhibit also sums up excerpts from the new epics like Dashavatar, which is generally considered a symbol of the incarnation of Vishnu.

Arun Singh’s paintings are very simple and easy which even the common man can easily understand. His pictures have straight lines which are geometric in form. In this context, the painter leaves a quick and deep impact on the human psyche. The medium of his paintings in acrylic and canvas, ink and sandstone. Talking about colours, there is an abundance of red, yellow, green among others.

Arts curator, Bhupendra Asthana says that artist Arun Singh is a resident of Banaras, who has seen varied transformations in Kashi. He graduated in arts from Lucknow Arts and Crafts College in 1998, after which he has been continuously contributing in the field of art. In many places of Banaras, there are sculptures, murals by him which are installed.

Well versed in both painting and sculpture, Arun has produced a number of long paintings such as the “short time long history” of the events of the independence movement of 1857 to 1947 which were made through mere lines that were made on 120-fit newsprint. Over the years Arun Singh has amplified his expression by breaching innumerable barriers.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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