Prayers For End Of Corona At Lucknow’s Mankameshwar Temple

LUCKNOW || For the first time in 35 years, Lucknow’s very revered Mankameshwar Mandir has faced the impact of lockdown over Coronavirus. Something never is seen before. Given the calls for social isolation, the temple authorities have shut the portal of the temple, to avoid any kind of contact or spread.

The closure has followed full sanitization processes so that the temple remains safe. While it was supposed to stay closed till March 31st initially, now there is an extension of that date till such time the 21 day lockdown period gets over.

As Lord Shiva remains out of bounds, several faithful have expressed the anxiety of not getting a glimpse of Bhole Baba. The devotees said that when the temple closed, many devotees burst into tears. Many people were coming to this temple every day to worship.

Mankameshwar Temple is considered to be the oldest and among the most famed temples of Lord Shiva. Due to Corona, it has had to be closed. Devotees are also unhappy but they also believe that as the temples have been closed all over the country, for now, this is a right step to stop the pandemic from spreading.

This is the first time that to avoid the spread of a virus, the temple has seen a kind of closure. Many devotees also believe that they spend 3 to 6 hours in this temple, which gives them peace.

For many, Shiva is more than a family for them. The Mahant of the temple, Shri Divya Giri tells the media that this is the first time that the temple has to be closed. In view of the safety of the people, it was necessary to close the temple. Here the offering comes, the money donated, there is a crowd. In such a situation, if a person becomes infected with Corona, then this damage will be done.

Bhole Baba never disappoints his devotees. Mahadev fulfils all the wishes of his devotees in the Mankameshwar temple on the banks of the Gomti River in Lucknow.

This temple of Shiva-Parvati on the left bank of river Gomti in Daliganj is considered very perfect. After the temple’s Mahant Keshavagiri, Devyagiri was made the Mahant here. It is said that after leaving Mother Sita in exile, King Lakshman of Lakhanpur stopped here and worshipped Lord Shankar, which brought a lot of peace to his mind. Later, the Mankameshwar Temple was established.

This temple, situated on the banks of the Gomti River, belongs to the Ramayana period and it is from his name Manakameshwar that one realizes that the wish here is never incomplete.

On occasions like Sawan, Mahashivratri and Kajri Teej, a large crowd of devotees is seen in the temple. Bhole Bhandari is anointed with flowers, Belpatra and Ganga water.

The Mankameshwar temple has a black Shivling and with silver beams resting on it, silver coins are placed all over the floor of the temple, which makes the temple look attractive.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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