Possible Locust Attack In Kanpur Anticipated, Farmers Alerted

KANPUR || An alert has been sounded in the Kanpur district and nearby areas after a group of locusts were spotted near the Ganga barrage, an official said on Tuesday. Owing to the wind direction it is anticipated that the costs would attack the crops in the vicinity in any time and hence people, especially farmers have been asked to stay vigilant.

Locust attack in Kanpur is much anticipated and hence we have issued an alert and have asked people to follow guidelines issued by the state government” the official further added.

These include making loud noises to scare the locusts away. In a related development, more than 60% locusts, the district administration claimed, have been killed in the past two days.

This, an official said was made possible due to the spraying of insecticides by the four drones that have been provided to the agriculture department by the Government of India.

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