Pak Ceasefire Violations Resulted In 70 Fatal Casualties In 7 Years : RTI

LUCKNOW || There have been 70 fatal battle, 180 non-fatal battle casualties during the ceasefire violations by neighbouring Pakistan in the last seven years, the information is given to an RTI has revealed.

As per the RTI information provided by Indian Army to Lucknow based activist Nutan Thakur, there have been 70 fatal battle casualties and 180 non-fatal battle casualties of army personnel during ceasefire violations by Pakistan since 2013 to 2019.

Information given by CPIO of Indian Army Lt Col Jagdish Prasad states that the highest number of the fatal battle casualty was 23 in 2017, followed by 19 in 2018, while the highest number of non-fatal battle casualties was 52 in 2018 followed by 47 in 2017.

The combined figure of fatal and non-fatal casualties was highest at 71 in 2018 followed by 70 in 2017, compared to 15 in 2013 and mere 02 in 2014.

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