Outgoing UP DGP Gets Send Off On Iconic Kingsway Dodge

LUCKNOW || The UP Police Chief DGP OP Singh who retired on Friday with a 2-year service to UP Police was given the final send-off from memorable with a unique sendoff on the Iconic Kingsway Dodge.

This was in line with a tradition in Uttar Pradesh, that the outgoing police chief is sent in such a way. This tradition has for several years seen a bevvy of cops pull the car using ropes, which later sees the DGP ride on it for the last time. While on his way back to his home after retirement, cops are seen giving their boss a salute.

The car that is making headlines yet again is the 1956 model Kingsway Dodge part of UP Police which the DGP will ride after retirement one last time. The car that is housed in the garage of the DGP residence has been taken out, cleaned and serviced properly so that it can be used in the final sendoff. A test drive has been duly carried out.

The Dodge Kingsway worth 61 thousand 83 rupees was purchased on 29 November 1956, after in the name of SSP Lucknow. At that time 61 thousand 83 rupees 81 paise was paid to buy it. The state police motor vehicle officer from Sitapur bought it and handed over the car’s keys key to the then SSP Lucknow.

From there, this car was put in the service of Inspector General of Police. Later, the post of IGP became DGP. A log book for this car which came into existence in 1956 still exists. The same artisan serving this car was in Lucknow, who died a few years ago.

18 feet long Dodge Kingsway was designed by Chrysler Corporate Company to look like a jet. The company named the Kingsway after its 1946 model. This car was made for people who wanted a car at affordable rates.

The Dodge car is longer than any SUV Fortuner of today, the Innova Crysta and Tata Safari. Its length is 4813 mm, width 1864 and height 1616 mm. The Kingsway Dodge sedan car is also called Saloon. This 6 cylinder car has a 3600 cc petrol engine and this car runs two kilometres in a litre. This 1400 kg car is of 97 BHP.

Carpets have been laid in the interior to give it a royal look and feel to this three gear car, OP Singh in his royal car after taking the parade salute at Lucknow Police Lines on 31 January will exit in this very car.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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