Once Forced To Scribble Adidas On A Shoe, Is Now Its Brand Ambassador

India’s ace sprinter Hima Das is today a big name in the athletics world. She is a highly decorated person on and off-field. However, life was not as simple for as it is today. Growing from humble backgrounds, she would often tend to yearn for riches but had to make to do with things which were far from pomp and show.

At an age when her peers were showing off rich shoes, especially those with big brand names, she was once out of sheer misery forced to right Adidas on the shoe just to show that she was one among the crowd of rich people, even if she wasn’t.

As a force to reckon with, now Adidas makes shoes tailor-made for the comfort of Hima Das. on which her name is written. During a conversation with Indian cricketer Suresh Raina on Instagram, Hima revealed when she was first to attend Nationals, her father bought simple spiked shoes.

The 20-year-old sprint queen, trapped in NIS-Patiala due to the COVID-19 epidemic, said, “Initially I used to run barefoot. When I was taking part in the national competition for the first time, my father brought me shoes with spikes. These were normal shoes, on which I wrote Adidas by myself. Adidas is now making shoes with my name on it. ‘

Hima has scripted history winning gold in the 400-meter race at the Under-20 World Championship 2018 in Finland. This company made her its brand ambassador. The company made shoes according to her needs, with the name written on one side and ‘Create History’ on the other side.

People have thankfully started taking more interest in track and field after the 2018 Asian Games. In these games in Indonesia, Hima won silver in the individual 400 meters beside the women’s 400-meter hurdles and gold in the 400 m mixed hurdles.

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