North Central Railway Tops Railway Board’s ‘Good Work Done’ List

LUCKNOW || In a major achievement, North Central Railway (NCR) is on top among all Railway units with 08 items from NCR finding a place in the list of 20 “Good Work done” from whooping 2645 entries.

With an intent of replicating and standardising good practices and innovations, Railway Board had directed Zonal Railways, Production Units, Centralised training institutes and RDSO to actively share the good work being done by different Railway units. A dedicated online “Rail Good Work Portal” was created by Railway Board for reporting such works by different Railway Units.

Railway Board has selected best 20 items from the overwhelming 2645 entries received for the period from 14.09.18 to 31.12.2019 and has directed for wide circulation and implementation of selected 20 items on different Railway units.

Eight Good works done on NCR featuring in this coveted 20 items list are Bell system for alerting passengers 2 minutes before departure of originating train implemented at Prayagraj, Real-time on-board CCTV monitoring system installed in Prayagraj- Anand Vihar Humsafar Express, Indian Railways’ first Hot axle cum Hot Wheel detector installed at Chunar, Air Quality monitoring equipment installed at NCR HQ,.

Others include Prayagraj station and divisional office Agra, Provision of toggle switch for testing hotel load(HOG) converter in locomotive by loco shed Kanpur, On-line NS demand, issue note, Imprest note generation and Delivery of high-speed diesel from divisional stores Prayagraj, reconditioning of CMS crossing by translamentic robotic welding technique and ultrasonic flaw detection of Rail/Welds using Vehicular system.

Besides above 08 items of NCR, other selected items from different Railway units are UTS on mobile App, online temperature and speed monitoring system for passing and terminating trains, UTS on Mobile with Bluetooth printer, QR code-based mobile app for monitoring point machine maintenance, Battery operated torque wrench, natural water cooler, railway line burr removing equipment, Push-pull gadget for the repair of motors, LHB coach spring changing gadget, in position repair arrangement for bogie component in the locomotive, Railway Stores Vendor guidance system and use of Rail Road equipment.

Officials said much of this was achieved under the leadership of General Manager North Central and Northern Railway Rajiv Chaudhry.

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