NGO Giving Digital Education To Slum Kids With Social Distancing Norms

LUCKNOW || A city-based NGO has started a unique initiative in which they have started imparting knowledge to children from weaker sections and poor economic background education through the digital medium. Started by UMMEED, the children are now studying through the digital medium, with social distancing norms being followed in totality, an NGO functionary informed The News Agency.

It was further informed that efforts were underway to ensure that these children, mostly from slums, study in small batches of ten each for at least one hours. “Our effort is to ensure that the kids in the COVID times, lockdown etc do not forget whatever they have learnt during normal schooling,” a functionary of the NGO said.

They now want to take it further in other parts of the city. For now, they are running this facility at Vijay Khand, Gomtinagar. Kudos to their work!

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