New Technology To Allow ‘Feel Of Touch’ On Video Calling

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but very soon technology will enable video call users to touch the person whom they are talking to, even though he or she may be hundreds of miles ago. According to reports, such a technology has been developed and is currently being tested by researchers in North-Western University of the United States of America (USA).

The technology has been tested in a device that was equipped with the artificial intelligence mechanism. The device gives the users a feel of touching the person on the other side of the video call. This technology will also enable people to feel whatever is going on in a movie.

The device has been tentatively named ‘Epidermal Touch‘ (the touch of the skin). Reports also suggest that there is a soft silicon sheet inserted in the divide which is equipped with actuators which when vibrate give the person a feeling of touching or being touched.

A study published in ‘Nature’ magazine has spoken extensively about this VR system. This device is 15cmx15cm and has a wireless power circuit. Researches have been quoted in the study as saying that neither the technology nor the device was cumbersome to use and in fact, they were user-friendly!

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