Move Over Shiva’s Third Eye, This Whiz Kid Has Created Its Modern Avatar

LUCKNOW || Blindness in a person can turn the world around for that person. It is an impairment that completely cripples a person for life. As India wakes up to this dangerous reality of our times, there have been constant attempts to fight this health hazard. In a bid to help the blind live a better life, one young kid in the city has done the unthinkable.

As a means to breathe a new lease of life in the blind, digital eyeglasses have been innovated by him. Now only with these spectacles streamline the functioning of the blind, it will also keep the family abreast about the blind person’s whereabouts for his or her safety.

This is a student from Lucknow who has used his acumen to bring a smile on the faces of the blind. This student Divyansh Singh is a student of class 10. His work has now been appreciated by the National Inspire Award ‘YURI’. These Digital Eyeglasses have been termed the ‘Third Eye’.

By wearing this spectacle, the blind person will be self sufficient to go alone to many places besides market, shopping arcades without any support. With this on, even the family will not lose track of their loved one who is visually impaired.

The spectacles will continue to give the family whereabouts of his location. Fitted with cameras, ultrasound and sensors these glasses as per the makers is proving to be the next big thing in medical innovation.

Divyansh always had a great interest in science. This idea came to his mind only after seeing the difficulties faced by the visually impaired. The result of which is in front of everyone today. It all dates back to 2017 when he was returning from school with his younger sister Smriti Kunwar. During this time, both were run over by a bull. Due to which the sister also got beaten up, but Divyansh did not lose courage and caught the bull by its tail and stabbed the bull with a pen. His attempt saved his sister’s life.

These glasses are being appreciated a lot. It is being told that many companies will also see these glasses. Only after which it will be patented. Divyansh has been awarded by the state level Inspire Award competition. Besides, he has also been awarded the State Innovation Award by Science and Technology Council Uttar Pradesh. The biggest thing about this invention is that it costs just Rs 700, which is a piece of good news for the visually impaired.

As per some estimates of as latest as 2018, over 4% of the global blind reside in Uttar Pradesh. This translates to around 1.85 million persons as per the state health department data. It is also calculated that around three lakh new people join that list each year.

Nationally a 7 million blind reside in India. The blindness story is alarming given that experts widely believe that blindness in most cases could have been curtailed. The most common reasons for blindness in Uttar Pradesh are cataract and refractive errors.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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