Monarch Bats For Autonomy Initiative To Settle Moroccan-Sahara Conflict

RABAT || Underlining the autonomy initiative to be the “only way forward towards a settlement of the Moroccan Sahara conflict“, HM King Mohammed VI has said that he would guarantee “full respect for the Kingdom’s national unity and territorial integrity“.

In a speech to the nation on Wednesday, to mark the 44th anniversary of the Green March, the 56-year-old ruler further said that “given that it is not only serious and credible but also rooted in sound principles, the autonomy initiative was the only way forward towards a settlement guaranteeing full respect for the Kingdom’s national unity and territorial integrity”.

The monarch affirmed that this tendency has been reinforced by the growing number of States – now more than 163 – which do not recognize the fictitious entity, noting that the Autonomy Initiative is also confirmed by the partnerships and agreements which have been signed by Morocco with the influential powers as well as with many countries and sister nations, and which concern all the Kingdom’s regions, including the Saharan provinces.

HM the King further said that Morocco has always been clear in its position concerning “the Moroccanness of the Sahara” as much as in its firm belief in the justness of its cause and the legitimacy of its rights, underlining that the Kingdom will continue to work honestly and in good faith to achieve a political, realistic, practical and consensual solution based exclusively on the political approach adopted by the United Nations Organization and the relevant Security Council resolutions.

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