Men-in-Khakhi Celebrate Janmashtmi With Traditional Fervour In UP

LUCKNOW || A tastefully decorated Police Lines has over the years enjoyed a magnetic pull which attracts faithful of all hues to come and pay their obeisance to Lord Krishna. A Janmashthami tableaux, skits and various performances bring the day alive with added colour and exuberence.

With the place of birth of Krishna being the prison, policemen each year celebrate the festival with pomp and fervour.
Krishna Janmashthami reportedly happens to be one of the biggest events in the annual calendar of cops. The PAC personnel have for the past several days been making arrangements for the mega affair.

As a long standing tradition at police lines it is quite a crowd puller each year says police officials. Attended by senior police officials and other dignitaries it has invitees like governor and the chief minister as chief guest.

Decked up beautifully the Tableaux depicts different stages of lord Krishna’s life. The Police Lines will be open for a week to the general public so that they too can come and enjoy.

Amidst tight security around 30 police personnel have tirelessly worked to get things happening on the Janmashthami front.

All eyes will be at the special extravaganza scheduled for midnight when a special event is planned about which not much has been divulged. A footfall of 1000 people is likely at the venue during the festivities. Apart from Police Lines, similar celebrations will happen at 35th battalion PAC, Mahanagar, Lucknow.

Janmashtami celebrations in the Police Lines date back to the pre-Independence era. In Lucknow, the festival has three decade long history. While festivities continue, police have confirmed that security will be beefed up during the festival at all major temples.


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