Madhya Pradesh Attains Significant Population Increase Of Tigers

MUKUNDPUR || Madhya Pradesh has attained a significant improvement in the population of Tiger and ranks first in the country. Sustained tiger conservation efforts have paid rich dividends in Madhya Pradesh where the population of the big cat registered a healthy rise of 218 in four years from 308 tigers in 2014 to 526 in the 2018 census.

According to Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, Secretary Tourism, Madhya Pradesh and Managing Director, MP Tourism Board, “Madhya Pradesh is referred to as wildlife state of India with numerous sanctuaries and reserves. At a time where the numbers of many animal species are declining, Madhya Pradesh has played a pivotal part in India’s wildlife conservation programs. To mark World Wildlife Day on 3rd March, we would like to reiterate our commitment to protecting endangered wildlife, specially tigers through a scientific, planned and people-centric approach with strict enforcement guidelines and team support.” he adds.

It has implemented many important conservation policies and ensured a crackdown on poaching,” he further added. 6 of the 11 National Parks of Madhya Pradesh are also integrated with Project Tiger, a conservation programme that was launched in 1973 by the Central Government when the tiger numbers had dwindled so dramatically that there were fears that the big cat was in danger of extinction.

The government had sanctioned INR 92 crores CFA especially to promote the wildlife circuit at Mukundpur, Bandhavgarh & Pench in 2015-16. The state government, as well as Wildlife experts, have reaffirmed their commitment to improving the population of white tigers which are on the verge e of extinct.

The white tiger is one of the rarest species of tigers which was first spotted at the Mukundpur forests owned by the erstwhile princely state of Rewa in a few centuries ago. Mukundpur has a significant population of White tigers and in the recent years, the decedent Of Rewa Royal family and state government initiated efforts to bring back the identity of this extinct White tiger by setting up of Safari at Mukundpur in the memory of the first white tiger.

The state government recently introduced safari here to spot White tigers. The present king of Rewa kingdom Maharaja Pushpraj Singh helped the government to protect and promote White tiger specie. Singh looking optimistic about the efforts being taken by the authorities to improve the population of White tigers.

–Madan Jha

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