Lucknow’s Vardani Baba Temple: Where Hanuman Sits In Child Form

LUCKNOW || In a country that has 33 crore gods and goddesses, each day of the week is dedicated to some or the other deity. Tuesday happens to be the day of Lord Hanuman, who is a very revered figure in the Indian pantheon.

Unlike other parts of India, Lucknow has a special place for the Monkey Lord, given the city leads as the first to introduce Bada Mangal. Often referred to as the Sankat Mochak, he is one who brings an end to all suffering as per popular belief.

Called the controller of Mars, a number of his temples dot the Lucknow skyline. Among them is the Shree Vardani Hanuman Temple located at TV Tower Hardoi Road near Balaganj, the main centre of the faith of the devotees.

A statue of Bal Hanuman is installed here, which is worshiped as “Vardani Baba”. The idol of Bal Hanuman was established on 28 January 1974 on the day of Basant Panchami by Shri 1008 Paramahansa Sri Ram Mangal Das Maharaj, the famous saint of Vasishta Kund, Gokul Bhawan, Ayodhya.

Therefore, every year on the day of Basant Panchami, lakhs of devotees gather on the birth anniversary of the establishment of the temple.

According to the head priest, a huge Bhandara is organized on every Tuesday of the Jyeshtha month. A Sundarkand recitation on every Tuesday is attended by a bevvy of devotees seeking Baba’s blessings.

It is said that when Ram Mangal Das Ji Maharaj passed through this place, Hanuman ji came in his dream and said that this place is very dear to him and he wants to sit here as a child. After this, the temple came into being.

It is said that by fasting on 11 Tuesdays and reciting Hanuman Chalisa 100 times, one can be freed from all debts and all the desires of a human being are also fulfilled.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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