The Power Of A Teacher Cannot Ever Be Evaluated Fully

The Power Of A Teacher Cannot Ever Be Evaluated Fully

A teacher herself may not be an emperor but she sure has the power to make one. This is how Dr Reshma Parveen, an associate professor of Urdu in Private college of Lucknow emphasized the power of a teacher or Ustad. Dr Reshma was a special guest at Talha Society weekly Zoom and FB Live programme where teachers spoke on the sudden spurt in online teaching.

She further illustrated the great importance given to teacher by giving the example of how the Sultan of Oman bypassed all protocols and went himself to receive the visiting President of India, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma, went right inside the plane to welcome him and then drove him himself rather than the chauffeur to the palace. All this he did for the "teacher" who had taught him while he was studying in Pune in India.

Prof Nishi Pandey, English Literature professor at Lucknow University while stressing the role of teachers in the development of her student said that teachers should ensure that that they move with time and kept the trends and fashions of youth in mind.

Asserting that hard work was the key to success Prof Pandey who has taught for nearly three decades said that it is the duty of every teacher to strike a bond with her students and after that they will be like wax in the hands of the teacher and she can mould them in the best form.

Tulsi Chaitaniya, an online fine arts teacher said that though she has been teaching air dry clay miniature models for the past 12 years the number of entrants to her class have shot up during the COVID-19.

Shabana Ahmad, principal of Unity Mission School that is for underprivileged children also agreed that the pandemic has brought a boon for online teaching.

She said that once the challenges of online teaching are met it is one of the best form of imparting education. In her case she said most of her students are first time school goers from their families and when they studied at home online their parents also got a chance to learn with them.

--Kulsum Talha/Lucknow

(The author is a veteran journalist of Lucknow)

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