Lions Children’s Park In Kolkata Declared ‘Smoke-Free’

KOLKATA || On Children’s Day on Thursday, MANT (Manbhum Ananda Ashram Nityananda Trust) organized an event with Kolkata Municipal Corporation to declare Lions Children’s Park as a smoke-free place to ensure that youth and children are not exposed to tobacco smoke and stay tobacco-free.

West Bengal has a high number of tobacco users, more than 33% of adult users are addicted to tobacco and more than 24% of people are exposed to second-hand smoke in the state.

To create knowledge among people, an oath-taking the ceremony for working towards smoke-free Kolkata and a pledge to support the ban on ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) highlighted the importance of ensuring a smoke-free Kolkata for the next generation.

Debasish Kumar, Member, Mayor-in-Council, Kolkata Municipal Corporation said, “ban on e-cigarettes definitely paved the way for a safer and healthier environment for not just the future generation but the present generation as well. He further added that smoke-free children parks would ensure a smoke-free environment for kids and would make them aware that tobacco smoking in any form is injurious to the human body.”

Additionally, students and teachers present at the event attended an interactive and informative session to discuss the harmful effects on ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System). The group discussed the steps taken by the government in banning E-Cigarettes to protect the youths of our country.

Interactive videos and photos from the event were uploaded on social media to spread knowledge about E-Cigarettes among online audience and to support the ban using the hashtag #BanOnECigarettes.

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