One Of The Lowest Globally, India’s Case Fatality Rate 1.76%, And Sliding

One Of The Lowest Globally, India’s Case Fatality Rate 1.76%, And Sliding

Health Ministry issues FAQs on better Clinical Management of COVID patients in ICUs

NEW DELHI || India continues to report one of the lowest COVID Case Fatality Rates (CFR) when compared to several other countries'. Health minister official said on Wednesday. While the global CFR stands at 3.3% as on date, the comparative figure for India is 1.76%, he added.

The deaths per million population in India is one of the lowest in the world. While the global average is 110 deaths /million population, India is reporting 48 deaths /million population. The comparative figure for Brazil and the UK is 12 and 13 times higher, respectively.

As part of the COVID management and response policy, there has been a sharp focus of the Central Government on not only containing the COVID related fatality, but to reduce deaths and to save lives by providing quality clinical care to the critical and severe patients of COVID.

Till date, 17 tele-sessions have been held, and 204 institutions have participated in them.

Collaborative efforts of the Union and State/UT governments have resulted in strengthening of the health facilities across the country. 1578 Dedicated COVID Hospitals are providing quality medical care. The Central Government has also issued the Standard of Care guidelines incorporated in the Clinical Treatment Protocol.

A unique initiative to build the capacities of the ICU doctors in clinical management of critical patients towards reducing the fatality, e-ICU has been started by AIIMS, New Delhi.

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, tele/video -consultation sessions are held by knowledge and domain experts for the doctors manning ICUs in the State hospitals. These sessions started from 8th July 2020.

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