In Times Of Corona, Lucknow Schools Turn To Virtual Classrooms

LUCKNOW || As the catastrophic consequences of the Corona pandemic hit home, experts across the board believe that adaptability to changing times will help put an end to the reign of terror that the Coronavirus has unleashed. With changing realities of the world we live in, now the academia too, is going virtual so that India is not pushed back by another 21 years, as was hinted by in the PM Narendra Modi’s last address.

Adapting to changing times educational institutions in the city are now going for virtual teaching which has given them a scope to learn a new dimension in the modern classroom, along with multiplying the scope of good and concrete education without actually disturbing one too much. The virtual classes have also brought people closer, given that one is getting to spend more time with their family.

Coronavirus has made Lucknow at par with the global academia where lectures, notes, assignments, assessment, grading and feedback all are available at the touch of a mouse.

Known as a centurion in the education scenario, Lucknow University has fast shed its old ways and take up the virtual methodology rubbing shoulders with their modern counterparts. The fact came out recently when going virtual was declared a reality by the varsity. Virtual classes are slated to continue in the city till such time Corona continues to be a danger to even a single person. Teachers in LU have started uploading E-Content for the students studying there.

The faculty members have already been told to provide original notes which can be uploaded on the official website. These are strict instructions that have been released by the Vice-Chancellor to the Professors.

Some of the faculty members have already uploaded some content on the website for the students reading. Spokesperson Dr Durgesh Srivastava has said can be accessed for notes.

Covering a wide gamut of subjects, these notes cover subjects like Arts, Commerce, Education, Science, and Engineering. Notes on these subjects are already online.

Boys and girls part of the campus has already been asked to stay abreast of what is being shared and take copious notes. We have always stressed attest information says AK Rai, VC, LU.

Not just LU, but even the biggest Private University in the city, Amity University Lucknow campus has taken to online teaching for now, as faculty and staff live in an isolated atmosphere. Teachers and students are connecting online. This way they are neither missing classes, nor are they extracting an infection. Notably in normal circumstances, Amity University has always had a system of providing notes online, so as to help youngsters prepare well before classes.

Meanwhile even in schools life is fast turning virtual for the next 21 days. Schools like Study Hall, CMS, DPS, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Brightland School, and College are taking online classes and are offering assignments online based on a stipulated time frame.

The virtual classroom has been made possible with the Google Classroom initiative. For many, this is a completely new experience but they are ready to learn things as they come up. This way a lot of paper wastage has also been stopped. The experienced academician too is of the opinion that with changing times if one does not pick up, this modern paradigm in education then perhaps might be too late.

A teacher working in Seth M.R. Jaipuria School says that this is advanced teaching but, life is a little simpler this way, given it cuts done the clutter of excessive paperwork, often creating error. Even she says the error margin is down. The Google classroom is effective given it is synchronized to desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobiles.

For virtual teaching, each teacher now has an email ID. This ID then gives the teacher a chance to log in and give notes. The city and its education warriors had since Holi been preparing for such a situation say some reports.

Study Hall School has now joined the bandwagon with assignments and complementary videos available aiding in the quality education of the child. Speaking to the media, Principal Study Hall, Shalini Sinha has said, “worksheets and projects are being regularly given to the students. Apart from this Explainers help the child further, ” adds she.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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