Government Of India Clarifies ‘Rumours’ On Naga Settlement

NEW DELHI || The Government of India has issued a clarification about the Naga settlement issue. In a statement, the GoI said that “It has come to notice of the Government that lots of rumours and misinformation are being spread in media including social media that final Naga settlement has been arrived at and will be announced soon“.

This, it added, was “creating anxiety and concern in some parts of the country“. The statement further went on to say that “it is clarified that before any settlement is arrived at with Naga groups, all stakeholders including States of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh will be duly consulted and their concerns will be taken into consideration“.

The Modi government has also urged people not to give any credence to such reports. “No credence needs to be given to such rumours and incorrect information” it further added.

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