GoI Promoting Indian Literature In Foreign Countries : Minister

NEW DELHI || The government of India is making serious and concerted efforts to promote Indian literature, minister of state for culture Prahlad Singh Patel has told the Rajya Sabha. “For the promotion of Indian Literature in foreign countries the Sahitya Akademi, an autonomous organization working under the Ministry of Culture, under its Cultural Exchange Programme with different countries has also sent delegations to various countries” he added.

The Indian writers’ delegation to participate in Hay Festival, Segovia, Spain (22-25 September 2016), the Indian writers’ delegation to London to participate in London Book Fair (14-16 March 2017), the same delegation went to Brazil to participate in Festival of India in Brazil (04-10 September 2017).

Indian writers’ delegation to Thailand to participate in a Seminar on Influence of Sanskrit & Pali on South East Asian Languages under the Festival of India in Thailand (23-27 September 2017), Indian writers’ delegation to Spain to participate in a Sanskrit Round Table as part of India’s 70th independence anniversary celebrations (17-21 October 2017).

Indian writers’ delegation to Israel to participate in a Festival of India to celebrate 70th Anniversary of India’s Independence (05-10 November 2017), Sahitya Akademi’s participation in Vishwa Hindi Sammelan, Mauritius (18-20 August 2018), Sahitya Akademi’s participation in Sharjah International Book Fair (31 October – 09 November 2018) and the Indian writers’ delegation to Nepal to participate in Festival of India in Nepal (19-21 March 2019).

The Sahitya Akademi has been translating Indian literary masterpieces into foreign languages under the Ministry of Culture’s project, Indian Literature Abroad (ILA). Under the scheme to promote Indian literature in foreign languages, Sahitya Akademi has published translations out of fund allotted to it by the Government of India.

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