Girl Harassed By Drunk Youngsters On Train In UP

ALIGARH || A girl on board a train was eve teased by four young co-passengers in the same coach after which a youth witnessing the while incident petitioned prime minister Narendra Modi for help, reports in the local media said. According to information available, this girl and two other women had boarded the Sangam Express from the Aligarh railway station in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

As soon as they took their seats, four youngsters, apparently drunk tried to molest the girl.

She was also subjected to lewd comments after which she confronted them and asked them to behave themselves. A youth who was sitting there immediately Tweeted the incident to the prime minister’s Twitter handle and also to the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, the Indian Railways Minister Piyush Goyal and the Indian Railways. For more than an hour, no help came.

The young man also told these VVIP’s that immediate help was required as they were not able to contact the RPF or the GRP.

However, after an hour, the divisional railway manager (DRM) Lucknow replied to the Tweet and requested the DRM Allahabad to immediately help the girl in distress. The railway division official and the GRP, RPF men were immediately given the coordinates of the girl’s train and coach.

But sources said that by then the victim apparently had debarred the train and the youngsters were nowhere to be traced.

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