Gangster Vikas Dubey ‘Arrested’ In Ujjain’s ‘Mahakal’ Temple

LUCKNOW || Dreaded gangster Vikas Dubey, the prime accused in the killing of four UP policemen, shot by his gang in Kanpur last Friday, ‘surfaced’ at the fabled Mahakal temple in Ujjain and was later arrested by the Madhya Pradesh police.

On the run since the raid on his village house left eight cops, including a deputy SP dead, he was spotted in a Faridabad hotel a day back and on Thursday he reportedly reached the temple, got a darshan ‘parchi‘ cut in his name and thereafter announced loudly to the priests that he “was Vikas Dubey, Kanpurwallah“.

7c71fbea-fb17-4600-8275-6cffc6f72d84The priests went into a scurry reportedly and informed the security of the temple, who detained him. He did not put up any resistance, suggesting that he himself had staged the whole drama which some are calling a “wily surrender”.

His closest aide Amar Dubey was killed in an encounter with cops on Wednesday. The same day, CCTV footage from a hotel in Faridabad showed a masked man suspected to be Dubey. On Thursday, two more of his accomplices were killed in encounters with the police in UP.

While one of the criminals was identified as Ranbir and shot dead in Etawah, the other was Dubey’s associate Prabhat Mishra who was taken in custody by the cops from Faridabad on Wednesday. According to the police, Ranbir had a bounty of Rs 50,000 on his head and was named in the FIR lodged against Vikas Dubey and others for the killing of eight policemen.

He was shot by the police in an encounter when he was reportedly trying to flee and exchange of fire took place between the criminals and the police party in Etawah. Police said pistol, a double-barrel gun and several cartridges were recovered from the car in which Ranbir was travelling.

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