Femina Releases Research Report Around Working Millennial Mother

MUMBAI || Femina, India’s leading women’s brand, has always been known as the destination for all things women. The experts on Indian women have released a report targeted at millennial mothers called, ‘All About Women’. This research report commissioned by Femina is an in-depth analysis and gives a peek at consumer behaviour, lifestyle, habits, purchasing power, interpersonal relationships along with many other facets of a working millennial mother.

The research study conducted by LeadCap Ventures and its findings is a result of extensive quantitative and qualitative research done over months with more than 1500 urban women across 10 megacities/metros and Tier 1 markets. The research report reflected on the changing dynamics of motherhood, and parenthood in Indian households.

The subjects are bifurcated based on the type of families and further categorized basis varied determinants such as striking a work-life balance, preference to children, spouse-partner relationship, self-care and digital content consumption.

Femina’s January issue will further elaborate these insights and findings and corroborate them with content tailored to the working millennial mother. This issue will also shed light on Femina’s focused content strategy to cater to what women need and the in-depth understanding of it.

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