Farmer Unrest In UP Town Of Unnao Continues For Second Day 

UNNAO || The farmer unrest in Unnao, neighbouring the state capital of Lucknow continued for the second consecutive day on Sunday with angry mobs going on rampage and setting some pipes in the power sub-station on fire. Angry over delay in payment of compensation of their land given for the trans-Ganga city, the farmers had run amuck on Saturday, engaging in violence.

The anger subsided by evening and more than 200 persons were booked by the police for violence, rioting and damaging government property, Sunday saw the farmers come out again in large numbers and go on the rampage.

Senior district and police officials camped in the projects camp office since morning to take physical possession of the land acquired for the ambitious project but as soon as the JCB’s were ordered to move towards the land, farmers lost their cool and set on fire a huge stockpile of plastic pipes put in the power sub-station campus.

Thick, dark smoke could be seen billowing from the fire site from very far away and at the time of writing this report, fire tenders were fighting to contain the blaze. Opposition parties, including the Congress have thrown their lot behind the farmers and have vowed to support their struggle against the BJP government in the state.

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