Experts Discuss New Norms Of Leadership, Business Competencies

LUCKNOW || Experts from various fields from five countries of the world came together through a webinar late on Sunday and discussed the new norms of leadership and business competencies, amid the Coronavirus pandemic. In the show organised by Rashi Khanna, founder chair of Ra by Rashi Foundation, these experts freely and interestingly discussed the various facets of a leader, especially in testing times like the world is going through right now.

DK Bakshi, Chief mentor and CEO of Global Talent Company, Thailand kickstarted the momentum in the show when he spoke about how the pandemic, that has crippled many developed nations, had “exposed the leadership in various realms of the society“.

Introduced as “Mr Motivator” by Rashi, the moderator, Bakshi went on to speak on how the pandemic had brought with it “big lessons for business, political, religious and community leaders“.

He pointed out how in these “most testing times” some of the world’s topmost leaders were exposed. In times like these leaders need to get their act together and show that leaders lead from the front and take control of the situation.

Johanne Cossette, Director Speciality Mondee, from Boston delved into details on the profile of a leader. She said that authenticity and genuineness are the foremost traits of a leader as this helps him or her, through charisma, bring out the best in others.

They inspire others, they have the ability to take people along” she pointed out while underlining how “humility, personal attributes to create flexibility and emotional balance, determination, tenacity, self-criticism and risk-taking” were other aspects of a leader.

Gaurav Prakash, Co-Chairman, UP Chapter of the PHD CCI, represented India in the talk show. How approachable a real leader should be, he was asked to which he said that while in normal circumstances, a leader should have both his “doors and the ears open“, it was very important that in the times of such a never-seen-before pandemic, leaders in all spheres of life become more receptive and responsive. He also batted for #VocalForLocal and slammed China for its expansionist mindset.

Tanu K Vasvani, Founder, Thumbprint Events and is a successful professional in customised commercial sales, who joined the show from London explains don how while times were tough for every major industry, media was hit in a major way in the COVID age. “These are the most testing times for every business, especially the media industry” she pointed out. The media veteran went on to add how “leadership at this point of time was very vital“.

Late Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi is an inspiration to me as she brought India to the global stage and in present times I think there can be no better examples of leadership than Queen Elizabeth and the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern. While the former proved what it means to be committed to delivering your duty as she came out during COVID and addressed the nation, the latter with not a long body of experience in politics, led her country bravely and efficiently to battle Coronavirus” she added further.

Melanie Falvey, Founder of Expert TV channel, Spain put forth her views in a very interesting manner as she held a glass container for her co-panellists.

This container, she pointed out, reflected an open leadership which was both clear and transparent. She further said that a leader should also be “adaptive” so as to keep with the changing trends and times. “A leader has to be proactive and not reactive” she stated further.

Pia Singh, a business consultant and head of Strategy & Entrepreneurship Development with Global Talent Company, was co-host of the show. Global Talent Company was the knowledge partner of the show.

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