Eminent Social Activist Vimal Sharma Dead

LUCKNOW || Eminent social activist Vimal Sharma passed away at a local medical facility in the state capital on Saturday, a family source informed on Sunday. He was suffering from prostate cancer, which was detected at a very late stage. Sharma, known for his strong will power and fight against graft, always held his ground even amid adversity.

He was general secretary of Kalyanam Karoti, an NGO working for several social causes since 1981.

In the late 90’s he took on the might of an official of the income tax department who was trying to fleece him by unethical means. He stood his ground and refused to be arm-twisted. Egged on by help from some local journalists, he took on the IT official and came out victorious in the tangle.

As per his wish, as informed in 2011, his body was given to King George’s Medical University (KGMU) for medical study. Many people in the state capital have mourned the demise of Sharma, who with his disarming smile always won hearts.

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