Emergency Button Service To End Traffic Snarl Up’s In Lucknow

LUCKNOW || Traffic snarl up’s on the streets of the city are not only a dampener for the people living there, but there is also that broader image that one needs to keep in mind for those coming from outside and overseas.

In what is now turning out to be good news for Lucknow the authorities have taken a decision to get rid of annoying traffic inside the city soon. In an innovative initiative in Lucknow, an emergency button service will be started in 42 intersections to provide a jam-free route to people in the event of an emergency. It has already started at some intersections.

Emergency button service has to be installed on this. It has been started from Wednesday evening. In the last two days, this system has been installed at Hazratganj intersection, Women Power Line 1090 intersection, Indira Gandhi establishment intersection and polytechnic intersection. This system will be installed by March 20 at all 42 intersections.

This will also help in bringing into force a special green corridor which will help in streamlining movement for the needy in case of emergencies so that patients can be reached on time. Also, with this emergency button system, people will be able to inform the police control room about accidents and other incidents. So the ambulance and police can be available in time.

Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey has been quoted saying ‘this new system has been implemented only to improve the traffic system in the capital. This will give great relief to the people. One can use it at the nearest intersection while taking the patient in an ambulance.

The emergency button service allows him to leave his message by pressing the button. Which will go directly to the police control room, from there, the emergency green corridor will be prepared immediately on the route on which the patient will have to be taken by ambulance or his personal vehicle.

-Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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