Drone Flies Over Taj Mahal, Four Russian Tourists Detained

AGRA || Four Russian tourists on a trip to Agra were detained by the local police on Wednesday after they were caught with a drone which was flying over the Taj Mahal, a no-flying zone. The drone was being flown by these tourists near the security police camp in the Taj Mahal premises.

The police and other security agencies went into a tailspin as soon as the drone was spotted flying over the Taj Mahal. The drone was however soon disappeared from the western gate of the monument of love towards the Yamuna river that flows nearby.

Police officials are trying to gather more information from these tourists on why were they flying the drone in the no-flying and highly secured zone in and around the Taj Mahal. The officials believe that the drone took off from the Mehtaab Bagh area.

A 500-metre area around the Taj Mahal has been declared a ‘yellow zone’ and flying of any object in this area is prohibited due to security reasons. There have however been many breaches in the past too.

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