Shirdi Diary By GS Kharpade - IInd Day

Shirdi Diary By GS Kharpade - IInd Day

In the morning, after my prayer, Baba Saheb Bhate, who is a retired Mamlatdar, came to the Wada and sat talking with us. He has been stay - ing here for some time and has a peculiar kind of calm on his face. We saw Sai Maharaj as he was going out and went to him in the masjid in the afternoon.

I, Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe, my son Baba, Bapusaheb Jog and children went together and sat there. Sai Maharaj appeared to be in good humour. He asked Babasaheb Sahastrabuddhe whether he came from Bombay. Babasaheb replied in the affirmative. Babasaheb was then asked whether he would return to Bombay.

He again replied in the affirmative, but added that he could not be certain of remaining there as it would depend on circumstances. Sai Maharaj remarked, "Yes. It is true, you have many things on hand and have to undertake more. You should remain here for some four or five days. You will be here, you should see for yourself. The experiences gone through are real. They are not fanciful. I was here thousands of years ago".

Then Sai Maharaj turned to me and started on apparently a new track. He said "This world is funny. All are my subjects. I look upon all equally, but some become thieves and what can I do for them? People who are themselves very near death desire and make preparations for the death of others. They offended me a great deal. They hurt me a good deal, but I said nothing. I kept quiet. God is very great and has his officers everywhere. They are all powerful. One must be content with the state in which God keep him. But I am very powerful. I was here eight or ten thousand years ago."

My son asked him to tell a story as he told him before. Sai Maharaj asked what story it was. My son replied that it was a story about three brothers who went to a Masjid. One of them wished to go out and beg. The others did no want him to do that, on the ground that the food obtained by begging would be impure and would pollute their chowka.

The third brother replied that if the food spoilt the chowka his legs should be cut off & c. Sai Maharaj said it was a very good story. He would tell another when he was in the humour. My son said he did not know when the thing would happen, and if the humour recurred after he left, there would not be much use.

There upon Sai Sahib told him that he should rest assured that the story would be told before he left. I asked him why he was angry yesterday and he replied that it was because the Teli said something. Then I asked why he cried out "Do not beat. Do not beat" today at the time of the distribution of food, and he replied that he cried out because the Patil family was quarrelling and divided among them selves.

Sai Sahib spoke with such a wonderful sweetness and he smiled so often and with such extraordinary grace that the conversation will always remain engraved in my memory. Unfortunately, other people came and the conversation was interrupted.

We were so sorry for it but it could not be helped. We returned talking about it. Tatyasahib Nulkar was not present during the first part of the conversation but came later on. Balasahib Bhate came in the evening and we sat again talking about the conversation.

(Excerpts From Shirdi Diary By GS Kharpade)

(Text typed, compiled by Sudiksha Dubey aka Titli) be continued

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