COVID-19 : Now, Lord Shiva In Varanasi Gets Behind A Mask

VARANASI || As India buckles up to face the impact of the global COVID – 19 pandemic in the eye, now even the gods are being kept safe from the deadly virus through the use of masks.

In the Parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Varanasi, the gods have been protected by masks that cover their godly appearance. Devotees have put up masks to prevent infection from spreading to God. Here is also signage in the temple asking people not to touch the idols.

This unique effect of the virus is being reported from the Prahladeswar temple built on the Prahlad Ghat of Varanasi in UP. Noted philanthropist Ravindra Trivedi, along with his colleagues, has taken this unique call with regards to the Shivalinga.

Interestingly the temple in different seasons keeps the gods at ease with changing climate conditions. As per local priest, Munna Tiwari from blankets to a fan-ac in summer it is always made sure like any other human there is no discomfort for the Gods. As the spiritual capital of the world, Kashi the city of Lord Bhole is likely to send a message on the Novel Coronavirus far and wide.

As the number of cases reported of the coronavirus has jumped to 86 pan India, the country recorded its second death with one reported at the national capital. Emanating from China’s Wuhan, the virus has spread to many countries. The spread has seen India fall prey to the virus as well.

Meanwhile, Lucknow only recently reported a positive case of Coronavirus in a lady doctor who is in the city from Toronto. As she gets treatment in the KGMC, educational institutions are staying shut. Offices are also taking strict measures to contain the spread.

Fresh cases of COVID 19 have been reported from Maharashtra and one each from Manesar Army facility in Gurgaon and Jammu & Kashmir as per media reportage. At the global level, four SAARC nations – Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives have come forward to support Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to devise a strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The BCCI has postponed IPL 2020 from 29 March to 15 April. The Indian government has already initiated the process of quarantining itself from the world until 15 April. This comes at a time when WHO has declared Coronavirus fallout a pandemic.

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