Congress Leader Writes To Yogi, Seeks Opening Up Of Religious Shrines

LUCKNOW || The Lucknow unit of the Uttar Pradesh Congress on Saturday demanded that religious shrines and places of worship of all religions be opened up for the public. In a letter addressed to chief minister Yogi Adityanath, the district president of the Congress, Mukesh Chauhan has said that it was time that prominent religious places be opened up under social distancing norms.

The Congress leader pointed out how many shops have been allowed to open and resume business as was the case before the national lockdown because of the dreaded Coronavirus. “Now that even the liquor vends and other shops have been allowed, the government should allow people to visit the religious places of their choice,” Chauhan told The News Agency.

In the letter to the monk-turned-politician, the Congress leader has pointed out that India was a nation riven by faith and hence it was imperative that they would be longing to visit churches, temples, mosques, Gurudwara’s and other places. The world acknowledges the power of faith and prayers, the former corporation pointed out in his letter.

He went on to suggest that like the tunnel sanitiser machines have been installed at government offices, similar arrangements be done at prominent religious shrines and people be allowed to enter them. It may be pointed out here that the festival of Eid is round the corner and the Baba Mangal, celebrated across the state capital in the Jeth month is also on.

All prominent religious places in the state capital like the Mankameshwar temple, Hanuman Setu, Edgar and other mosques and Gurudwara’s, Churches are closed since March 22.

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