Children Of Raj Bhawan Staffers Take Lucknow Metro Joy Ride

LUCKNOW || A group of some 100 children from Raj Bhawan in Lucknow on Sunday took a Metro took a joy ride along with their teachers and the staff of the Governor’s residence. Throughout their journey, the super-excited children couldn’t take their eyes off the bird’s eye view of the city that the metro ride offered.

The children took a two-way metro ride between Sachiwalaya and CCS Airport Metro station. It was the first time that the metro staff took the children to the airport and briefed about some facts of traveling via airways.

The beaming children were all smiles as they posed for pictures in front of the ‘Art Wall’ at CCS Airport Metro Station and toured the vibrant concourse. Metro staff also provided them some refreshments along with some goodbye chocolates. Children thanked the metro staff for making their Sunday a joyful one.

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