Chief Justice Bobde On Harley Davidson, Social Media On Fire

NAGPUR || A photo of the Chief Justice of India, Sharad Arvind Bobde on a supervise has sent the social media in a tizzy. In the picture that has created a wildfire on the internet, the 64-year-old top judge of the apex court has been seen in his hometown Nagpur on a Harley Davidson bike CVO 2020.

Hundreds and thousands of social media users have liked the fact that the judge showed no pretensions and was, in fact, living life on his own terms. Liked this Avatar of our Chief Justice Sri Bobde .. Stylish and suave.. #rockstar captioned one Twitter user while another I like ppl who love life. No false pretensions.

No false sense of protocol. Lutyens Delhi full of such ppl. Just saw this pic on social media of our current CJI Sharad Bobde. A different person. Positions come & go. But you hv 1 life, the user further said. Bobde has endeared himself to many for his simplicity, love for dogs, photography and many other hobbies.

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