BJP Leader From UP Blames Pakistan For Air Pollution In Delhi-NCR

MEERUT || A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from Uttar Pradesh has answered finally to the “concrete reason” behind the thick smog and poor air quality in the union capital, neighbouring NCR and many parts of the state.

Vineet Agarwal Sharda, a BJP leader from Meerut has said that the pollution was the “handiwork of Pakistan, which has been rattled by prime minister Narendra Modi and the bold steps he is taking”.

“…Ye jo zehreeli hawa aa rahi hai, zehreeli gas aayi hai ho sakta hai kisi bagal ke mulk ne chhodi ho jo humse ghabraya hua hai. Mujhe lagta hai Pakistan ya China humse ghabraye huye hain” he told a news agency. He added that for him its an act done by Pakistan, which is on its last legs of existence.

Not to stop at that Agarwal went on to describe prime minister Narendra Modi as Lord Krishna and union home minister Amit Shah as Arjun, who will ensure that Pakistan for its support to terrorism, is wiped out from the map of the globe.

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