Beverages Makeover In India: From Aerated Drinks To Juices

As a large section of Indians turns to healthy meals, skipping traditional sweet and calorie loaded meals, the food habits have also changed with regards to the intake of the cold drinks.

With most people by now aware of the side effects and harm that these fizzy cold drinks, aerated, soda based drinks cause to our body, juices – both fresh and cold pressed are the toast of many now. These healthy beverages have become an integral part of the diet plans and home menus.

“You may think the fizzy cola that comes with your burger won’t do much harm but sugar in it really can do that without you even knowing. Skip the soft drinks and try juice instead” advises Snigdha Mishra, a nutrition and health expert working out of Omaxe City in Lucknow.

Fruit juices which are a better alternative to sip on include orange, pomegranate, guava, mango and sugarcane which are made of juice and nothing else. While Mishra advices that fruits, especially fiber loaded ones, should be taken directly and not as juices since its nutrients go while turning it juicy, she says cold pressed ones can do good to health and fitness.

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