Before You Switch Off Lights At 9 PM Tomorrow, Experts Say Read This

LUCKNOW || At a time when prime minister Narendra Modi has urged people of the country to switch off all lights on April 5 at 9 pm for nine minutes, there is a worry doing the rounds in the power sector where experts feel that the sudden loss in demand and then a sudden surge

While our PM has announced a nine-minute blackout, he has not factored in the damage that will occur to the National Grid, Boilers and Turbines of the Power Plants due to the “sudden loss of demand and then a sudden surge after 9 minutes could lead to massive fluctuations and harm to electrical appliances“.

Experts strongly recommend that people “should switch off the main switch of their house at least 15 minutes before”, as “there will be a surge in voltage which will damage all electrical appliances.” They say one should wait for 15 minutes after the blackout before one switch on as there could be fluctuations in the voltage and frequency “as the Turbines struggle to stabilize“.

Since industries are also closed, there is only domestic load and we could have a National grid failure due to high frequency which could have a devastating effect, an expert Cyrus Engineer said.

Some fear that the “grid may take 12 hours to restart” as we” may have to depend on Nepal or Bangladesh to get ours online.”

The Uttar Pradesh State Load Dispatch Centre has predictably to the top officials of the UP Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) that there could be an “approximately 3000 MW sharp load reduction phenomenon in Uttar Pradesh in a very little duration of time.” A letter from the UPSLDC further states that “reduction of the above-mentioned load may also cause a high-voltage surge in the UP Power grid“.

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