Amnesty Lawsuit In Omar Radi Case Dismissed For Lack Of Evidence

WASHINGTON || A lawsuit by the Amnesty International (AI) seeking a ban on Israeli cybersecurity company “NSO Group” from exporting its technology abroad, has been dismissed for “failing” of evidence “in the Omar Radi case, several international media reported on Monday.

An Israeli judge in the Tel Aviv district court said in her ruling released on Monday that Amnesty lawyers have not provided enough “to prove that an attempt was made to monitor a human rights activist in an attempt to penetrate his telephone, “report the AP and AFP news agencies as well as the prestigious American newspaper New York Times.

“The Tel Aviv district court has ruled that Amnesty lawyers have not provided sufficient evidence,” reports the large American NYT print. According to AFP, the Israeli court saw that the international NGO has not presented sufficient evidence “to prove the claim that an attempt to track down a human rights activist by trying to hack into his mobile phone”.

The NGO sought to revoke the company’s export license, arguing that its software was used by various countries to spy on dissidents and activists. The court said that no amnesty had been presented with enough evidence to prove that spyware was used to target activists.

Morocco had denounced the “serious and tendentious accusations” made by AI at the time of the Kingdom and “insisted on obtaining an official response from the part of this Organization which claims to defend human rights: a response which includes all physical evidence was that she would have resorted to harming Morocco. ”

After several days of waiting and procrastination, the response of AI’s acting secretary-general, Julie Verhaar, to the Head of Government, Saad Dine El Otmani, “did not provide material evidence that the government has repeatedly asked for” Court

the Organization since the publication of its report, which contains unfounded accusations against Morocco and which was accompanied by an international media campaign for defamation and sentencing.

This verdict by an Israeli court is another setback for AI, which proves that its accusations against Morocco are unfounded.

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