Alertness Of Rail Man Averts Major Train Tragedy In Uttar Pradesh

LUCKNOW || A major tragedy was averted in Uttar Pradesh early on Thursday after a track fracture was detected in time but not before a goods wagon passed over it in Chitrakoot district. As soon as the fracture was detected, the Mumbai-Prayagraj Duranto was stopped in time before it came to the area. The rail track fracture was found near the Manikpur railway junction.

Officials informed that a major tragedy was averted due to the efficiency and alertness of rail man Arjun Kumar who alerted the Duranto Express by putting up a red flag on the tracks.

The incident sent jitters down the spine of railway officials as many trains were to pass from the busy Mumbai-Howrah route. The rail officials ordered ‘caution’ after which many trains were allowed to pass from the place at slow speed. Railmen reached the site and are repaired the broken track for the whole night.

Normalcy on the important rail section was only restored at about 6 am on Thursday. Officials also informed that till the track was repaired, the Up and Down both route trains was passed through the loop line.

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