After A 30-Year Wait, Prayagraj Ghantaghar Might Tick Again Soon

PRAYAGRAJ || For 30 long years the clock at the Prayagraj Ghantaghar has not ticked one second. Once an iconic jewel in the crown of the city, today it once again waits to make the local populace aware about each passing minute.

If all goes well, the buzz is that the Ghantaghar clock will once again come back to life. The Prayagraj Nagar Nigam is now leaving no stone unturned to get this backup and running. While the spare parts of the clock are not available but there remains hope that a way forward will be found.

The Chowk Ghantaghar at Prayagraj happens to be one of the oldest public markets in India. Part of the glorious history of India, Mughal architecture is omnipresent in this very part of India with intricate traditional Mughal work. The Prayagraj Ghantaghar back in the day was made on the lines of Lucknow’s popular Ghantaghar. It is considered one of the oldest.

The Prayagraj Ghantaghar beautifully decorated with Roman craftsmanship adds a sheen like none other with beautiful designs engraved on it. At the turn of the century, the beauty and the majesty of the structure still remains to say, experts, despite a slightly faded look.

According to the Superintending Engineer of the Nagar Nigam, Ajay Saxena who spoke to the media said – for nearly 30 years the clock has not ticked. The onus to get this up back and running will be on a Mumbai company.

All four sides will get a clock with the numbers and other features in roman script. Per clock, the expenditure is said to be near one lakh. Meanwhile to synchronize the time it will cost another one lakh say estimates.

Once running the upkeep will cost 16000 rupees per year. The funds for this will be provided from the MLA fund of current UP cabinet minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi.

As per the edict at the marble laden Prayagraj Chowk Ghantaghar, it was built in 1913. The existence of this towering edifice is credited to Rai Bahadur Lala Ramcharan das and Lala Vishweshwar Das who built this in memory of their predecessors namely Lala Manohar Das and Lala Munnilal.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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