A Treatise On The Sandwiched Middle Class

Looking beyond the realms of privileged and downtrodden 
Imaginations wander through the reality world’s den 

Deleting the memories, en route forest’s adversities, yard
Realise the mistreat, between too rich and really poor’s card discard

Emerging like a sandwich, devoid of care n concern 
Fend for oneself, to find a way of survival, pathetic and stern 

Watching dilemma on faces, to smile n stare or cry alone, aloud
Struggle to match aspirations of an affluent privileged crowd

Though in hearts of heart, the middle class yearn 
Remain above the BPL, being ploughed, as they govern 

Being meted out double whips, from either front, confused as ever
Walking on the tight rope of dismal hopes, a balance needs with desires

Reality check ashore *deep thoughts amidst struggle and confusion

– Veteran Group Captain PK Agnihotri/New Delhi

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