A Decade On, Arts And Culture Thespians Honoured For Contributions

LUCKNOW || In a state whose arts and culture has a pride of place in the country, 128 music experts between 2009 – 19 who have trained themselves in the art of Music creation were recently honoured under the aegis of the UP Sangeet Natak Academy. The awards ceremony was a celebration of the multiple worshippers of Ma Sharde who have diligently brought the state’s cultural heritage to global standards.

Among the bevvy of honoured recipients, the proud smile on the face of every music art lover was a sign of acknowledgement of the hard work of some of their own. The awards were given to recipients in fields like music, dance, drama etc. at a program held in Lucknow.

The honours were bestowed upon the recipients in the presence of Governor Anandiben Patel finally bring an end to a decade long wait. The young blood got inspired by the experienced doing well, only to strive for greater success in their careers. The honorable awardees were given tamrapatras, Angavastras and zodiac signs.

At the ceremony, the Academy Ratna Member Award was given to VV Srikhande, the Ratna Membership of 2013 was awarded to Padmashree Malini Awasthi among others.

The Academy Award for best Classical Singer went to Ustad Rashid Khan, Robin Chatterjee among others. Others from various disciplines were Tabla player Pt. Puran Maharaj Pakhawaj player Rajkumar Jha, Nautanki artist Krishna Kumari Mathur, Director Salim Arif among others from disciplines like Nautanki, Violinist, Sarangi, Bharatanatyam and cinematography.

Kuchipudi dancer Meenu Thakur, Sugam singer Agnihotri Bandhu (Rakesh-Devesh). Among the awards of the year, 2019 is BM Shah Award for Ranjit Kapoor for redirection and Safdar Hashmi Award for theatre performance Tikam Joshi and Academy Award Dhruvapad singer Radha Govind Das.

At the national level the BM Shah Award, cheques worth Rs. 25 thousand, Safdar Hashmi Award and Academy Award cheques of Rs 10 thousand each were also given.

The Governor speaking at the occasion was quoted as saying that dance and drama are strong mediums of expression. Adding, we have inherited the arts that make life rich. Let everyone become a partner in understanding and knowing the rich culture of the country.” Academy President Purnima Pandey said that Uttar Pradesh is the centre of Indian culture. Many cultures originated from here. Music, dance and other arts are enriched here.

Among the distinguished guests were Culture and Tourism Minister Neelkanth Tiwari, Academy Vice President Dhannulal Gautam, Principal Secretary Culture Jitendra Kumar, Special Secretary and Director Culture Shishir and Academy Secretary Tarun Raj. A special spectacle at the event was ‘Gangavataran.’


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