700 Government Doctors In UP Face Axe For Dereliction Of Duty

LUCKNOW || Uttar Pradesh Health Minister, Jai Pratap Singh was in Hardoi recently when he said that 700 government doctors will be removed from their job. The reason he said was that they were lackadaisical and escapist in approach by not dedicating their time to government hospitals and not discharging their duties properly. Some were even absent from work doing higher education without informing the place of work.

Singh was reportedly at Hardoi’s Kachchauna Community Health Centre, New PHC Gauri Khalsa. The Minister was reviewing the Mukhyamantri Jan Aarogya Fair.

Singh underscored having identified such people, the doctors will be gradually suspended, something that has been started. The process will take 1.5 months or two months.

The Health Minister has also expressed views on Corona saying that one will have to cut down the fear one has in mind about Corona and take necessary measures to steer clear. In India, there are 84 cases of COVID – 19 and in UP the number is pegged at 13.

He also cleared that there are thermal sensors purposely deployed at the Indo – Nepal border and airports to track any suspicious activity. Visas of those coming from abroad have been stopped to contain the spread.

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