2020 Brings Possibilities Of A 3D Animation Course At LU

LUCKNOW || Ushering in a new wave of education in the prestigious Lucknow University, don’t be surprised if soon people get to dabble in a course on 3D animation. In a recent meeting held at the varsity campus, the concerned faculties have been asked to prepare a syllabus on the lines of CBCS.

There is also a plan to start studying 3D animation for postgraduate (PG) students of Lucknow University (LU). Dean of the college Prof. Sanjeev Kishore Gautam has been quoted saying the demand for animation is the highest in the market. As an elective, PG students of any class will be able to do this course as an option.

Also, students will be able to learn by going to big artists or agencies under Intra-department learning. It will get two credits. This credit is set to apply in the third or fourth semester. This credit will be added to the final marks of the students.

The College of Arts and Crafts will prepare a course as an elective subject under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). Whatever is required for the course – lab, faculty etc., its proposal will be sent to the VC.

After getting approval from there, the further process will start.VC Prof. Alok Kumar Rai has called all departments on January 16 post preparing the syllabus of PG on the lines of CBCS. All the departments have swung into action.

The new regimen comes into force as a part of LU which is preparing to implement CBCS in PG courses from the new semester.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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