“20.6% Indians Faced Mental Health Decline During COVID Pandemic”

LUCKNOW || An interesting study conducted by CVoter has inferred that almost 20 per cent of Indians have faced mental health challenges during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. According to a series of surveys done over the past few months, a survey has shown that 20.6% of “Indians reported a decline in mental health“.

It adds that of these the larger number was of women which stood at 25.1% as compared to a low of 16.4%, as reported by males. A Delhi-based Political Consultancy Polstrat did an exhaustive dissection of the findings of the main reasons for increased stress and anxiety amongst people in the past three months such as loneliness, fear of uncertainty, loss of income, fear of domestic violence as well as steps people are taking to cope.

Interestingly 34.7% respondents claimed to have encountered no mental health issues at all during the pandemic period. It was also worth noting that the levels of decline in mental health also varied by age groups. Those in the youngest age group (below 25) reported the highest decline (23.4%) in their mental health. Those in the oldest age group (60 and above) reported just the opposite – lowest decline with 8.3%.

When comparing mental health across income groups, the Polstrat team informed The News Agency that 42.5% of respondents in the lower-income group reported better or somewhat better mental health now than before. 22.5% also reported a decline in mental health. 20% in the higher income group reported a decline and the middle-income strangely reported the lowest decline – 18.1%, in their mental health.

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